Visit to the mythical caves of the resort

Would you like to know where the legendary Achilles was born?


12€ per person

Start time: 09:00 am

Duration: 3 to 3.5 hours

Difficulty: moderate

Share with us a unique experience on the mountain of Centaurs!

Dear friends/visitors, we would like to inform you with great pleasure about our new ecotourism activities in South Pelion. Our 1st activity includes a visit to historical and archaeological sites, as well as a tour to the mythical sea caves of Theida. This activity starts from our hotel “Des Roses Hotel” in Platanias of South Pelion. First, we head for about 30 minutes by car to the impressive beach of Theotokos Lyris, where we will visit the archaeological findings of ancient Sipiada and the mosaics found there, dating back to about 1150 BC. We will also tour the picturesque 18th century chapel of Theotokos.

As we all know from mythology, but also from historical sources, the enchanting Pelion is known to all as the mountain of the Centaurs, Asclepius, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, Theseus and other great mythical heroes. According to the myths, the 12 gods of Olympus had chosen Pelion as their summer holiday destination. There, they met with mortals, especially with prominent kings of neighbouring Greek cities.

In this place, King Peleas from ancient Iolkos (today’s Volos) was chosen by Zeus to be the husband of the goddess Thetis.

But she could not accept the fact that she would marry a commoner. So in order to avoid him, he was constantly transforming himself into fire, water and even a tree. Finally, it transformed into a cuttlefish and was lost in the Aegean Sea.

For this reason, the area was named Sipiada, from the ancient Greek word sepia, meaning “soupia”. Thetis, trying to escape from Peleus, was trapped by him in the sea cave, which we will visit. After our tour of the beach of Theotokos Lyris, we will head to the beach of Mourtias.

This particular beach was ranked 4th in the world in a competition for its wild natural beauty. There we will have the opportunity to take some impressive photos.

The third and final part of our activity will take place in the mythical sea caves of Theida. We will walk along a 200 meter path and end up at the beach “Aradakia”. There we will relax, swim in the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea and discover the interior of the caves.

In this magnificent cave, Thetis was transformed into a woman and after her love affair with Peleus, Achilles, the legendary hero of the Trojan War, was born.

This new couple was married on the peaks of Pelion where the Olympian gods were present. Later, Achilles’ mother wanted to make him immortal by immersing him upside down in a spring of immortal water. However, the only part of Achilles’ body that remained out of the water was his heel (Achilles’ heel), which proved fatal in the Trojan War.

Interior of the caves

After enjoying the cave excursion, which will last 3 hours, we will return to our hotel where we will refresh ourselves with our homemade lemonade and small snacks.

For safety reasons, you should bring along closed sports shoes, water and hiking poles if you have them.

This activity is supported by a mobile pharmacy and walkie-talkies throughout the tour. If there are any mobility or other health problems, please let us know before you participate. .

The cost of our activity is 12 € per person. For any clarification, please contact us by email or phone.

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The Rose Hotel is located in the seaside village of Platanias in South Pelion, just 100 m. from the Aegean beach.

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