Activities in South Pelion

South Pelion is a whole Pelion in itself! Undiscovered and unspoilt, it welcomes every year the ever-increasing number of “seekers” of its exotic and enchanting nature and activities, who want something more than just another conventional weekend of cafes and restaurants. Homemade Mediterranean flavors, authentic Pelion “villages”, mythical caves, dreamy hikes, religious tourism opportunities, contact […]

The starry sky of Pelion

Pelion is considered one of the only areas in Greece and Europe with the darkest sky! Experience stargazing at our hotel! One of the darkest places in Greece and Europe, Pelion, (but also Lesvos, Lemnos and Agios Stratis), are ideal places for stargazing due to the low to non-existent light pollution. Light pollution is a […]

Escape to the Nature of Pelion

Platanias is located at the unexplored southern end of Pelion, opposite Skiathos and Evia with very beautiful and deep beaches, but also with green nature that is suitable both for summer for sea tourism and in autumn, winter and spring for nature and hiking tourism with beautiful paths and routes that amaze by combining the […]

Day trip to Trikeri

We start from Platanias towards Lavkos and at Lavkos turn left towards Milina (not towards Volos). At Milina we head left towards Trikeri. The distance is around 42 km and the duration of the trip is 1 hour and a bit by car. Arriving at Trikeri we have two possibilities: or to tour the village […]

Explorations in Lavkos Pelion

The village was built between the 15th and 16th century, by Captain Stergios Bastdekis. It experienced moments of great economic prosperity during the years of the Ottoman occupation, while its tradition in arts and letters is also great. We start from Platanias to Lavkos. We park in the large parking lot next to the gas […]

Hiking from Platanias to Promiri

The route passes through asphalt, a mildly uphill cobbled road, paths and rural roads. The start of this route is from the houses of Platanias. We walk on the main asphalt road (from Platanias to Promiri) for 1700 meters-15′ approximately- until 50 meters before thesettlement of Mousgias.. On our left hand side we meet a […]

Three days “The other Mount Athos”

With the help of I. Metropolis of Demetrias, which takes care of sending priests to serve both the residents of the area and its visitors, we created an interesting program, on the one hand for the recreation of our visitors and on the other hand for the recreation of our visitors. We aim for a […]