Hiking from Platanias to Promiri

The route passes through asphalt, a mildly uphill cobbled road, paths and rural roads.

The start of this route is from the houses of Platanias.

We walk on the main asphalt road (from Platanias to Promiri) for 1700 meters-15′ approximately- until 50 meters before thesettlement of Mousgias.. On our left hand side we meet a yellow hiking sign, where is the start of our route. We walk downhill along the dirt road for 50 meters and meet the stream which we cross vertically (having the iron gutter in our right hand). This is where the uphill cobbled dirt path begins, with the stream on our right and a larger gully appears on our left with lush vegetation.

This particular beach was ranked 4th in the world in a competition for its wild natural beauty. There we will have the opportunity to take some impressive photos.

Ascending slowly, we definitely have time to turn our heads back and enjoy the beautiful view: Platanias with its harbour and boats, the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, the beautiful northern side of Evia. In 8′ we meet a dirt road which we follow with a right turn for 50 meters and then we “re-catch” the path. Let’s keep an eye out for the yellow hiking sign here as well. Another 5′ of gentle ascent, 50 meters after a left junction that we ignore, we continue straight on and find a path on our right that if we follow it we will descend to a small stream and we can cool off from the running water. Further on, at 300 meters, we will pass by the house of Smaili and end up at the chapel of Panagia. The asphalt is 100 meters from that point.

Rediscovering our main path, within 8 minutes we come across timeless, traditional farmhouses protected by stone walls, a concrete gutter on our right and a green gully on the lower right (the asphalt road “follows” us above and to the right). After a few meters at a level, we meet on our right, a beautiful traditional white and white tap where we can rest and enjoy the feast of wild beauty that the landscape gives us generously: running water, tall plane trees, relaxing sounds that transport us to another time and dimension.

Our ascent continues. In about 4 minutes we meet another rural road which we follow for 30 meters to the right and there the chapel of Agia Sophia (unfortunately permanently locked) awaits us. Up to here we have travelled half of the way. After 7′-8′ walk from the chapel, following the dirt road, we meet the asphalt road and follow it for 50 meters to the left. A new yellow hiking sign on our right puts us back on the well-maintained rural road towards Promiri . With no intersections, we follow the road which after 10 minutes of walking starts to close into a path. Here especially for the ladies, long pants would protect enough from any scratches from the thorns that are present for 100 meters of march. In 20 minutes from the time we left the asphalt, we meet and cross vertically, dried creek and start traversing the left side of the ravine. At some point we need to be careful: after we see the first houses from Promiri opposite and to our right, dirt and stones prevent the smooth continuation of our course for 20 metres. Slowly and with confident movements we will descend under the rubble and our path will reappear a few meters above.

150 more meters of cobbled path with a gentle ascent and the asphalt is in front of us and straight (after the gas station), at 200 meters we reach the village while on the left and above, the road forks for the Blame game. The total duration of our march is 1 hour and 20 minutes, depending of course on the pace of everyone. Let’s make sure we know the times of the long-distance bus that will drop us off again in Platanias.

We wish you a safe journey!


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