Our soaps

Our engagement with soap

This last activity, the art of soap production that we inherited from our grandmother Victoria in Egypt and then in Greece, we developed it into a new professional activity, a new business, under the name Pelion natural soap, i.e. we produce natural handmade soap with certification as an organic product – cosmetic (eco-bio cosmetic).

The soaps are produced by the cold saponification process, a method that is superior to the hot process, with proven advantages.

With the cold method, the glycerin and water produced during saponification are retained, not eliminated, and are truly the most ideal element of skin hydration. These, combined with hyper-fertilization, high quality organic olive oil, natural extracts of medicinal aromatic plants and herbs, such as chamomile, daphne oil, rosemary, lavender, lavender, myrrh, rose, the beneficial goat’s milk and the divine milk of donkey, create excellent products for today’s afflicted man.

We believe that these pure ingredients, with our patented cold process of soap making, are a growing resistance – producers/consumers – to the widespread use of hazardous chemicals in both cosmetics and our food.

Today our soaps are available both in Greece, in stores with organic products, pharmacies, in Hondos centers, and abroad in selected cosmetic companies.