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Restaurant Des Roses

Mediterranean diet with flavours of Pelion

We organized a very tasty and healthy cuisine, using mostly local and fresh products, and we brought back old local recipes to create a different sense of flavours.
We made sure to collect recipes of Greek cuisine, Pelion and the family secrets from Egypt to enrich our menu with something different that makes us really stand out from the common restaurants. The basis of our cuisine is the Mediterranean diet with emphasis on fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh fish and local meats and poultry.


Handmade, homemade


fresh delicious

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Fish and seafood

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Drinks and beverages

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Healthy breakfast

A different breakfast

Even though you know that a healthy breakfast has many benefits, you may not be sure exactly what a healthy breakfast should include. We at Hotel Des Roses place great importance and offer healthy options to our guests.


It consists only of organic products without dyes.

The right combination of products with high nutritional values is a new kind of breakfast and replaces the usual flavours with newer and more enjoyable ones.


At the healthy breakfast we offer stevia instead of sugar, natural vanilla for flavour, mountain tea and herbs.

At breakfast we use only organic raw materials (oil, flour, herbs, etc.), all dishes and drinks are homemade, gluten-free and suitable for diabetics and diets.

products of our own production


Also in the restaurant area we have an exhibition of local products of our own production such as our red wine “KERASMA”, our jams, our liqueurs, and our spoon sweets.