Three days “The other Mount Athos”

With the help of I. Metropolis of Demetrias, which takes care of sending priests to serve both the residents of the area and its visitors, we created an interesting program, on the one hand for the recreation of our visitors and on the other hand for the recreation of our visitors.

We aim for a real holiday away from the “sirens” of modern tourist destinations, in the quietness of contemplation and contemplation of ourselves and God, in the amazing nature where the Divine Creation is presented in all its splendor.

We therefore propose and combine either upon arrival or upon your departure, visits to various charitable institutions in our region, to be close to human suffering and to sympathize with our unfortunate fellow human beings, such as the juvenile prison of Kassavetia, the very active charitable association for prisoners “The Crucified”, the “White Butterflies” foundation for children with special needs, etc.

We are located in Platanias in south Pelion, opposite Skiathos and Evia with very beautiful and deep beaches and green nature that is suitable both for summer for sea tourism and in autumn, winter and spring for religious – nature and hiking tourism in beautiful paths and routes that amaze by combining the mountain and the sea, in a nature fortunately still untouched.

We have 14 rooms – studios double, triple and quadruple. For large groups we cooperate with a neighbouring Hotel and together we have 30 modern rooms-studios double, triple etc. with heating and we offer breakfast and lunch.

Since two years ago our hotel has turned to alternative forms of tourism with emphasis on religious and cultural tourism. Pelion, due to its peculiarity that combines the mountain and the sea, its geographical configuration and similarity as a peninsula and the abundance of monasteries, churches, chapels and other Orthodox pilgrimages, is considered “the other Mount Athos”, which impresses, attracts and spiritually benefits its visitors.

We propose a three-day indicative program that will be unforgettable

Day 1:

Arrival in the afternoon in Platanias and installation in the rooms.

If the arrival is relatively early we celebrate the Vespers service in our very beautiful church of St. Anargyron.

In the evening dinner with traditional food of the region and traditional dances from the cultural club of the area.

Day 2:

Breakfast (8-9am) which includes, among other traditional dishes, peasant pies with eggs and cheese or bantzina with pumpkins for pie etc.

After breakfast (9-10.30am) we make a light hike of about 2 km to visit an amazing Byzantine chapel of “Panagia Mousgiotissa” with admirable hagiographies of the 18th century, where a thorough historical, hagiographical and architectural tour of the monument is conducted.

There we can also chant and stop from the greetings of the Virgin Mary.

Departure (11am) for the village of Trikeri, the southernmost tip of South Pelion.

Visit to the mountainous Trikeri (12.00) and then we descend to Agia Kyriaki, a typical fishing village with lots of seafood and traditional cuisine, for lunch.

Returning to Platanias in the afternoon, if we want, we can stop for vespers in the villages of Argalasti or Lavkos, as well as for a tour of the Famine Museum of marble sculptures and coffee in the beautiful Pelion squares and churches of these villages.

In the evening we have dinner at our hotel. After dinner we can organize an open discussion on spiritual issues.

Day 3:

Breakfast (8-9am) and departure from Platanias.

On the way back we can visit the Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos Siki and the Milies of Pelion, with the beautiful square where we will enjoy our coffee, the traditional cobbled streets, the library & the museum and the amazing central church of St. Archangels with the wonderful hagiographies and the unique wooden carved centre.

If the steam train Milies – Lechonia Volos (tel. for information on Volos OSE tickets 2421024056), we recommend taking it and from there we can take the train to Lechonia of Volos, where the bus will be waiting for us to continue our return.

The three-day event includes: Overnight stay, breakfast and lunch (half board). If you have more days, we can also enrich them with a vigil in our nearby monastery of St. Spyridon, as well as beautiful activities from our ecotourism program that we enclose, such as a visit to the mythical sea caves of Thetida with the monachus-monachus seals etc.

The price is based on the size of the group. For the Christmas-New Year and Easter holidays the price varies due to the festive menu and music etc.

With the help of I. Metropolis of Demetrias, which takes care of sending priests to serve both the residents of the area and its visitors, we created an interesting program, on the one hand for the recreation of our visitors and on the other hand for the recreation of our visitors.


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We inform our dear customers that the ‘Rose Hotel’ is temporarily closed due to damage to the basic infrastructure caused by the flood of ‘DANIEL’ on September 4, 2023. We thank everyone who’s supported us morally and financially during these difficult times we’re going through.

We love you all, and we hope to be together soon. Dova’s Family: Nikos, Gianna, Giannis & Thomas